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Francesco Iacurto

Francesco Iacurto was born on September 1, 1908 in Montreal. He was active as a painter for over 70 years, which is no small feat. In traditional Quebecois painting, he is known for his fierce defense of orthodox principals in the teaching and practicing of the arts. After studying painting in Montreal and Europe for seven years, he began painting and teaching art for the Montreal School Board and at Ville Sainte-Foy.

Iacurto was one of the most important figurative painters of his generation. Even an amateur with very little interest in academic landscapes can’t help but be seduced by his honesty, his abundant use of texture, and his incredible treatment of light. The intelligent conception and sharp composition of his works have brought pleasure to many viewers over the last century. In Iacurto’s best works, the colour is simply sumptuous. Other than his great talent as a colourist, one of his strengths lies in his direction and brilliant use of perspective. He creates a depth that seduces the eye and renders the entire piece dynamic. Iacurto held that a painting is a painting for its composition and technical qualities; by mastering them, the artist could create a fully narrative structure.

Many of Iacurto’s pieces are eloquent testaments to the spirit of Quebec City, before it was transformed into an urban centre. Iacurto died in Sainte-Foy at the age of 93 years old on July 7, 2001, leaving behind many masterful works that are truly timeless.

Château Frontenac
Oil on Canvas
31" X 23"


Sans Titre
Watercolour on Paper
11" X 16"
Cabane à Sucre
20" X 24"


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